Building facades

Our motto is high quality of our building works!

The main scope of activity of the company is to accomplish facades of buildings in every size and for every assignment.

We have big expertise in accomplishing building facades.
In period from spring to autumn we are able to fulfil up to 10000 m2 surface of building facade.

Our motto is high quality of our building works!

Thirteen qualified workers are employed in the company. If required we cooperate with amicable firms.
We own 1700m2 of scaffold, delivery trucks and indispensable construction equipment.

Substantial proof of the quality of our works are mentioned below building facades finished by our company:

- Service-residential complex 'MILLENIUM' in I maja Street in Koszalin;
- Shopping centre 'MERKURY' in Zwycięstwa Street in Koszalin;
- 'ZŁOTE TARASY' housing estate in Fredry Street in Kołobrzeg;
- Block of flats 'AQUARIUS' in Fredy Street in Kołobrzeg;
- Block of flats 'OLYMPIC PARK' in Przesmyk Street in Kołobrzeg;
- Housing estate in Helsińska Street in Kołobrzeg;
- 'BAJKOWE' housing estate in Mazowiecka Street in Kołobrzeg.

I guarantee high quality of our works!



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Building facades

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